What is your SEXAPPEAL?

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What is your age?
years old

What turns you on?
Body Ass Tits
Face Beer Pussy
Toes Feet Hands
Shoes Leather SM
Penis Stockings Cars
Eyes Golden shower Poo

How often do you masturbate?
times a week

How often do you have sex?
times a week

How many different persons have you had sex width?

How many one-night-stand did you have had?

Ever had a threesome?
Yes No

Do you have bisexual feelings (or ever had) ?
Yes No

Ever had sex with the same gender?
Yes No

What is the age of the oldest person you have had sex with?
years old

What is the age of the youngest person you have had sex width?
years old

Whats your penis maximum size?

What's your breast size?

Do you use sextoys (or ever used) ?
Yes No

Do you have a boy/girlfriend?
Yes No

Have you ever cheated on your boy/girlfriend?
Yes No

Does (s)he know?
Yes No

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Yes No

Are you going to tell him/her?
Yes No

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